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Science and Social Studies Adventures (SASSA) is a unique organization in the Twin Cities metro that connects K-12 students with active researchers. Since 2015, our programming provides students with opportunities to:
  • collaborate with researchers and scientists on original research projects to help their communities;
  • learn about new careers by seeing what scientists and researchers really do at work each day;
  • see diversity and representation in the sciences; and
  • engage in hands-on learning activities led by local college students.
The Youth Engaging in Research Program (YERP) offers 6th-12th grade students within the Twin Cities metro the opportunity to conduct a socially-engaged, science project rooted in their community. This program virtually connects participants with local peers and experienced science mentors from around the country! The program runs six months, during which, students work through their project with guidance from their mentor and support from their peers. YERP participants will present the results of their project to the broader Twin Cities community at a virtual celebration event.
Students who participate in YERP…
  • Gain experience identifying and solving problems using the scientific method and how to work in a team;
  • Learn how science is a tool to address community needs;
  • Become civically-minded citizens by connecting to their communities in active ways;
  • Engage with diverse perspectives, expertise, and role models;
  • Gain confidence in their own abilities; and
  • Feel empowered to achieve future goals.
Your donation will support the inaugural year of YERP. For every $350 we raise, another child can participate for free in this unique, six month program. By giving today, you will help student research projects in the following ways:
  • Purchasing supplies and materials;
  • Facilitating mentorships; and
  • Supporting the virtual celebration event to which you will receive a personal invitation!
Our fundraising goal of $1,750 will support at least 5 students for the 2020-21 program. Can you spare even $5 to empower the next generation of researchers and problem solvers?
Learn more about SASSA by visiting our website!

* Propel Nonprofits is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for Science and Social Studies Adventures. We are working with them while our 501(c)(3) status processes and are benefiting from their mentorship and vast experience in the nonprofit world.



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